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Centre Spatial de Liege (CSL)

CSL is a group of the Liege University in Belgium, composed of around 100 people, mainly engineers, scientists and high level technicians. Its basic mission since 30 years is to undertake testing of space instruments under vacuum and at different temperatures, in addition to vibration testing. With a view to achieving this mission, CSL is equipped with a series of large space simulators, located inside high performance clean rooms. A number of laboratories is also available and, as part of the University, CSL has access to the research instrumentation in all fields.


CSL capabilities are manifold. It is also able to design and develop various testing equipment for scientific and industrial purposes, such as defect control assemblies and in general all kinds of non destructive testing, with a specialty in optical methods. CSL is trained to work with a series of companies around the world.

In the frame of the AESOP project, CSL is in charge to design and to perform the laboratory experiments for the controlled destruction of flow improvers, chiefly by ultrasonic methods.

A detailed desription of CSL can be found in the web site :

CSL Web Site

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