J. E. Normey-Rico and E. F. Camacho

                             Springer-Verlag, London, 2007

              ISBN-13: 978-1-84628-828-9. Paperback, 488 pages. Purchase information

Dead times  are found in many processes in industry. Dead times are mainly caused by the time required to transport mass, energy or information, but they can also be caused by processing time or by the accumulation of time lags in a number of simple dynamic systems connected in series. Dead times produce a decrease in the system phase and also give rise to a non-rational transfer function of the system, making them more difficult to analyse and control.

This book presents the main techniques related to this area of control engineering. The problem of controlling dead-time processes is studied using classical PID controllers, dead-time compensators and model predictive control techniques.  The major goal of this book is to show how the results of the two approachesmentioned above can be used and combined to obtain more efficient and robust controllers for processes exhibiting dead times.

The book starts with the more simple continuous time solutions in the single input single output case and continues towards more complex ones such as MPC strategies in the discrete and multivariable domain.

The book can be used to introduce control of dead-time processes as part of an advanced control course for undergraduates. On the whole, it can be used for a postgraduate course on control of processes exhibiting dead time. The book has a practical orientation and is also suitable for process engineers.




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