This is a preliminary list of Computer Spanglish/Spanish terms I have been able to compile so far. I recommend visiting the Computer Spanglish Web Site which explains this topic in more detail. Use this list at your own discretion. If you reproduce this list, please include this URL address and my e-mail address. Last update: September 7, 1995. These are the most common reasons for Computer Spanglish:

Independent from forced translations to maintain a well-versed Spanish, the strongest reason for Computer Spanglish is the day-to-day relationship between the user and the machine, other users, and a computer-based world. The present list was compiled with the collaboration of over 250 users from Spanish-speaking newsgroups, MOOs in multicultural settings, personal interviews, and my experience.

This site is updated frequently. If you would like to add new terms or send any comments, write to:

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*This study was part of a semester project at the Advanced Communication Technologies Laboratory, at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Yolanda M. Rivas
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@   [at]   [arroba]   [arroba]

access code   [código de acceso]   [código de entrada]

access level   [nivel de acceso]   [nivel de entrada]

access time   [tiempo de acceso]   [tiempo de entrada]

acknowledgement   [un acknowledgement]   [acuse de recibo]   [reconocimiento]

address   [address]   [dirección]   [direccional]

allocate (v)   [aloquear]   [asignar]

allocation   [alocación]   [asignación]

ancillary equipment   [equipo ancilario]   [equipo subordinado]

append (v)   [hacer un append]   [añadir, adjuntar]

archival   [archivador]

archived file   [file archivado]   [documenarchivado]

assembler   [ensamblador]

assemble (v)   [ensamblar]

assembly language   [lenguage de ensamble]   [lenguage ensamblador]

assembly program   [programa de ensamble]   [programa ensamblador]

assembly   [ensamblado]   [ensamblando]

at random   [al ramdom]   [al azar]   [casualmente]

attach (v)   [hacer un attachment, atachear]   [adjuntar]   [unir]

author language   [lenguage autor]   [lenguage de componer]

authoring system   [systema autor]   [sistema de componer]

automatic loader   [lodeador automático]   [cargador automático]

automatic scroller   [escroler automático]   [enrollamienautomático]

automatic shutdown   [shutdown automático]   [cierre automático]


back up (v)   [hacer un backup, backupear]   [hacer un archivo de reserva]

back-up   [back-up]   [reserva]

background program   [programa background]   [programa subordinado]

background   [background]   [fondo]

backspace   [backspace]   [retroceder]

backtracking   [backtracking]   [explorar hacia atrás]

backup file   [file backup]   [archivo de reserva]

bar code   [barcode]   [código de barras]   [código de trazos]

batch job   [trabajo batch]   [trabajo en serie]   [trabajo por lotes]

baud rate   [velocidad baud]   [velocidad de baudios]

baud   [baud]   [baudio]

benchmark test   [prueba benchmark]   [prueba de referencia]

benchmarking   [benchmarking]   [referencia]

bit mapped screen   [pantalla en bitmap]   [punto del plano señalado]

bit per second (BPS)   [bit por segundo]

bit   [bit]

blank   [blanco]

blinking (adj)   [blinking]   [oscilante]

board   [board]   [tablero electrónico]

bold   [bold/negrita]

boolean   [boolean]

boot (v)   [butear]   [iniciar]

branch (v)   [hacer un branch, branchear]   [ramificar]   [bifurcar]

browse (v)   [browsear]   [hojear]   [curiosear (!)]

buffer   [buffer]   [registro intermedio]

bug   [bug]   [bicho]

built-in fonts   [built-in fonts]   [tipógrafos incorporados]

bullet   [bullet]

bulletin board   [bulletin board]   [pizarrón/tablero electrónico]   [tablón de anuncios]

bus   [bus]   [conductor común]

byte   [byte]   [octeto]


caps   [caps]   [letras mayúsculas]

caret   [caret]   [signo de intercalación]

carriage return   [carriage return]   [retorno]   [retorno del carro]

cartridge   [cartridge]   [cartucho]

casette   [casette]


cell   [cell]   [celda]   [célula]

central processing unit (CPU)   [CPU]   [unidad central de proceso]

character template   [template de caracteres]   [plantilla de carácteres]

character   [caracter]   [carácter]

chat (v)   [Chatear (via Internet relay chat)]   [conversar, charlar]

check (v)   [chequear, checar]   [verificar]   [examinar]

check   [chequeo]   [verificación]

chip   [chip]   [plaqueta]

clear (v)   [hacer un clear]   [borrar]   [despejar]

click (v)   [clickear]   [chasquear]

click   [click]   [hacer un golpecito seco]

clip art   [clip-art]   [dibujos artísticos]

clipboard   [clipboard]   [sujetadatos]

clipping   [clipping]   [recorte]

clone   [clon]

command   [comando]   [mandato, orden]

compile (v)   [compilar]

compiler   [compilador]

compute (v)   [computar]

computer   [computadora]   [ordenador, calculador]

computer-aided design (CAD)   [CAD]   [diseño con ayuda del computador]

configuration   [configuración]

conjunction   [conjunción]

connector   [conector]

control break   [control break]   [ruptura bajo control]

control panel   [control panel]   [panel de control]

convert (v)   [convertir]

crash (v)   [crashear]   [colgar]   [quebrar, chocar, romper, estrellar]


data link   [datalink]   [enlace para transmisión de datos]

debug (v)   [hacer un debug]   [depurar, limpiar]

decode (v)   [decodificar]

delete (v)   [deletear]   [borrar]   [suprimir]

desktop computer   [computador desktop]   [computador de mesa]

digitize (v)   [digitar]   [digitalizar]

digitizer   [digitador]   [digitalización]

directory   [directorio]

disk drive   [disk drive]   [unidad de discos]

disk, disc   [disco]

disk driver   [disketera]

diskette   [diskette]   [disco flexible]

display menu   [display menu]   [menu de visualización]

display   [display]   [visual]

domain   [dominio]

dot matrix   [dot matrix]   [matriz de puntos]

dot printer   [dot printer]   [impresora de puntos]

download (v)   [hacer un download, downloadear]   [descender/bajar archivos]

drag (v)   [dragear]   [arrastrar]

dummy   [dummy]   [ficticio]


e-mail address   [email address]   [casilla electrónica]

e-mail (v)   [e-mailear]   [mandar por correo electrónico]

e-mail   [e-mail]   [correo electrónico]

enhanced mode    [modo mejorado]     [modo aumentado]

ENTER key   [ENTER]   [tecla de ENTRADA]

Ethernet   [Ethernet]   [red de video/audio]

exit   [exit, salida]   [salida]

exit (v)    [hacer un exit]   [salir]


facsimile   [facsímile]

facsimile (FAX)   [FAX]   [teleproductor de imágenes]

fax (v)   [faxear]   [mandar un fax]

feedback   [feedback]   [realimentación]

feeder    [feeder]

fiber optics   [fibra óptica]

file (v)   [filear]   [archivar, guardar]

file   [file]   [archivo, fichero]

floppy disk   [floppy disk]   [disco flexible]

flowchart   [flowchart]   [flujograma]

font   [font]   [símbolo de caligrafía]

foreground   [foreground]   [primer plano, por encima]

format (v)   [formatear]

forward (v)   [hacer un forward, forwardear]   [retransmitir]   [pasar]

freenet   [freenet]   [red comunitaria]

ftp   [Ef-tee-pee, Efe-te-pe]

ftp   [Efe-te-pear]


gate   [gate]   [puerta]

gateway   [gateway]   [puerta, pórtico]

graph   [gráfico]

graphic display   [display gráfico]   [representación gráfica]

grid   [grid]   [cuadriculado, reja]


hacker   [hacker]   [computomaníaco (!)]

halt   [un halt]   [parada]

hard disk   [hard disk]   [disco duro]

hardware   [hardware]   [equipo físico]

header   [header]   [encabezamiento]   [cabecera]

HOME key   [HOME]   [tecla de INICIO]

home page    [home page]    [página de casa]


icon   [icon]   [ícono]

initialize (v)   [inicializar]

input (v)   [hacer un input]   [ingresar]

input   [input]   [ingreso]   [entrada]

interface   [interfase]   [interfaz]

internet   [la red]   [internet]

internet (v)   [internetear]

italics   [italics]   [itálica/cursiva]


jam   [jam]   [atascamiento]

job   [job]   [trabajo]

joy stick   [joy stick]   [palanca de juego]

jump (v)   [jumpear]   [saltar]

justify (v)   [justificar]

keyboard   [keyboard]   [teclado]

keyboard (v)   [tipear]   [teclear]

keyword   [keyword]   [palabra clave]


local-area network (LAN)    [LAN]

laptop computer   [computadora laptop]

laser printer   [laser printer]   [impresora láser]

layout sheet   [layout sheet]   [papel de planeamiento]

layout   [layout]   [plan]

load (v)   [loadear]   [cargar]

log in (v)   [loguear]   [hacer un log-in]   [comenzar el modo de diálogo]

log off (v)   [desloguear]   [hacer un log-off]   [terminar el modo de diálogo]

log on   [hacer un log-on]   [comenzar la sesión]

log out (v)   [hacer un log-out]   [terminar la sesión]

log (v)   [logear]   [registrar]

log   [log]   [registro]

loop (v)   [loopear]

loop   [loop]   [bucle]


mail (v)   [mailear]   [enviar por correo electrónico]

mail-merging   [mail-merge]   [fusión postal]

map (v)   [mapear]   [trazar un mapa]

master file   [master file]   [archivo maestro]

match (v)   [matchear]   [emparejar]

matching   [matching]   [correspondiente]

medium   [medium]   [medio]

megabit   [megabit]

megabyte   [megabyte]

memory chip   [memory chip]   [plaqueta de almacenamiende memoria]

merge (v)   [hacer un merge]   [fusionar]

microchip   [microchip]   [microplaqueta]

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME)    [MIME]

modem   [módem]

monitor (v)   [monitorear]   [observar, espiar]

monitor   [monitor]   [consola]

motherboard   [motherboard]   [placa madre]

mount the filesystem (v)   [montar el "filesystem"]

mouse button   [botón del mouse]   [botón del ratón]

mouse   [mouse]   [ratón]

multimedia   [multimedia]   [multimedios]


the Net   [la Red, la Net]   [Red]

nest   [nest]   [nido]

nested loop   [nested loop]   [lazo ennidado]


OPTION key   [OPTION]   [tecla de opción]

output (v)   [hacer un output]   [salir]

output   [output]   [salida]

overflow   [overflow]   [desbordamiento]

overlapping   [overlapping]   [superposicionamiento]

overwrite (v)    [overwrite]


password   [password]   [codigo secreto]   [contraseña]

paste (v)   [pastear]   [pegar]

path   [path]   [paso]   [camino]

peek (v)   [hacer un peek]   [mirar rápidamente]

pitch   [pitch]   [grado de inclinación]

pixel   [pixel]

plotter   [plotter]   [trazador gráfico]

plug-ins   [plug-ins]   [enchufes]

pointer   [pointer]   [indicador]

port   [port, puerto]   [puerto]   [portilla]

post (v)   [postear]   [poner una nota]   [anunciar]

preview    [preview]    [previsión]

previewer    [previewer]    [provisorón]

pre-sort (v)   [pre-sortear]   [pre-separar]

print (v)   [printear]   [imprimir]

printer   [printer]   [impresora]

printout   [printout]   [impresión]

prompt   [prompt]   [guía]


queue (v)   [enqueuar, poner en el queue]   [poner en la cola/fila]

queue   [queue]   [fila, cola]   [espera]

quit   [quitear]   [salir]


ramdom access memory (RAM)   [RAM]   [memoria de acceso casual]

ramdomly   [al ramdom]   [casualmente]

range   [rango]   [márgen]

read-only memory (ROM)   [ROM]   [memoria de lectura fija]

reboot (v)   [hacer un reboot, rebootear]   [reanudar]

reboot (v)   [hacer un rebut, rebutear]   [re-iniciar]

refresh (v)   [hacer un refresh]   [refrescar]

relay   [relay]

release (v)   [hacer un release]   [libertar, soltar]

release   [release]   [soltura]

relocate (v)   [realoquear]   [reubicar]

remark (v)   [remarcar]   [notar]

reply   [hacer un reply, replayear]   [contestar]

reset (v)   [hacer un reset, resetear]   [reestablecer]   [reajustar]

restart   [hacer un restart]   [reanudar]

restore (v)   [hacer un restore, restorear]   [restaurar, recuperar]

RETURN key   [RETURN]   [tecla de RETORNO]

route   [ruta]


sampling   [sampling]   [muestreo]

scan (v)   [escanear]   [explorar]

scanner   [escáner]   [explorador]

scratch file   [scratch file]   [archivo de trabajo]

screen   [screen]   [pantalla]

server   [server]   [servidor]   [serviciador]

setup (v)   [hacer un setup, setupear]   [alistar, preparar]

shareware   [shareware]   [soporte lógico de dominio público]

SHIFT key   [SHIFT]   [tecla de desplazamiento]

shift (v)   [hacer un shift]   [cambiar]   [desplazar]

shutdown (v)   [hacer un shutdown]   [cierre]

sketch   [sketch]   [boceto]   [dibujo]

slides   [slides]   [diapositivas]

software   [software]   [soporte lógico, programática]

sort (v)   [hacer un sort, sortear]   [clasificar]

spacebar   [spacebar]   [barra espaciadora]   [tecla de espaciar]

spam (v)    [spamear]

spammer    spammer

split screen   [split screen]   [pantalla partida]   [pantalla dividida]

split window   [split window]   [ventana partida]   [ventana dividida]

spool (v)    [mandar al spooler, spoolear]   [bobinar]

spooler   [spooler]   [bobinadora]

stack   [stack]   [pila]

startup   [startup]   [inicializador]

string   [string]   [serie]

superscript   [superscript]   [sobreescritura]

surf with Mosaic (v)   [mosaiquear]

surf with Netscape (v)   [netscapear]

surf (v)   [surfear]   [correr tabla por la red]

switch   [switch]   [conmutador]

symbol   [símbolo]

synch (v)   [synch-ear]   [sincronizar]


tape    [tape]    [cinta]

task   [task]   [tarea]

telnet (v)   [telnetear]    [comunicarse via telnet]

template   [template]   [plantilla]

test (v)   [hacer un test]   [probar]   [examinar]

test   [test]   [prueba]   [examen]

toner    [tóner]

trackball    [trackball]

tutorial    [tutorial]

type (v)   [tipear]   [digitar]   [escribir a máquina]

type   [type]   [tipo]

typeface   [typeface]   [tipógrafos]


undelete (v)    [hacer un undelete]

undo (v)   [hacer un undo]   [deshacer]

update (v)   [hacer un update, updatear]   [actualizar]

upgrade (v)   [hacer un upgrade]   [subir de grado]

upload (v)   [hacer un upload, uploadear]   [ascenso de archivos]   [subir]


verify the timing (v)   [verificar el timing]

voicemail   [voicemail]   [correo de voz]


wide-area network (WAN)    [WAN]

web   [web]   [telaraña]

web page    web page    [página de web]    [   ]

wild card   [wildcard]   [relación de nombres]

window   [window]   [ventana]

Windows   [Windows]   [Ventanas]

word wrap   [word wrap]   [retorno automático de la palabra]

wordprocessing   [wordprocessing]   [procesamiento de palabras]

Worldwide Web   [Worldwide Web]   [Telaraña Mundial]

worksheet    [worksheet]    [hoja de cálculo]

workstation    [workstation]

wraparound   [wraparound]   [retorno automático]


zoom (v)   [zoomear]   [aumentar]